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ClassBooks hassle-free service

It couldn’t be easier to access an endless source of literacy resources, on demand. With ClassBooks, you and your school can access the best books for your pupils  in curriculum themed boxes, freeing up Space, Time and Budget.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign-up

Sign-up is simple. Just provide details via the contact form on this website or phone or email us. Then, one of the ClassBooks team will be in touch.


2. Pay one subscription fee

With ClassBooks, you simply make one annual payment for your school’s subscription, which covers your books, teaching resources and ClassBooks consultant annual visit for all three terms of the academic year. Pricing is calculated based on the number of classes in your school. A minimum order is one curriculum box per school year per term, though you can order as many curriculum boxes per class as you require.


3. Choose your curriculum boxes

Our team of education library professionals have curated the curriculum boxes to save your time. The boxes contain the most up-to-date curriculum-linked books available, so you can be rest assured that your resources are always relevant. On sign-up you can speak with the ClassBooks team member about which boxes will be delivered and in which term.


4. Receive your delivery

Before the start of each term, we’ll deliver your curriculum boxes directly to your school using ClassBooks’ free fulfillment service. Each class will receive their own curriculum boxes to use in the classroom throughout the term.

Your books will arrive ready to use, so you won’t have to spend any time covering them and there is no delivery or collection charge.


5. Send your books back

In the last couple of weeks of term, simply pack the books back into their box, complete the returns form and a ClassBooks representative will visit your school to collect them on a pre-agreed date.


With ClassBooks fully-managed fulfillment service, sourcing the best books for your pupils has never been easier and frees up Space, Time and Budget for your school.

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