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At Classbooks our purpose is to spread the joy of reading to improve literacy standards which gives rise to greater life opportunities for everyone

With ClassBooks’ unique rental model you can access the most up-to-date resources for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the books. Our carefully curated curriculum boxes use the best quality learning resources, tailored to different year groups.

A ClassBooks subscription helps you free up Space, Time and Budget, as well as giving you high quality resources that are carefully matched to the curriculum.

Research proven

With ClassBooks, your school can access a wide range of non-fiction books held within its extensive specialist education book hub.

A new set of books will be delivered to every class in your school at the start of each term. Bring your lessons to life and inspire your pupils with a living library right in your classroom.

Why should budget cuts force you to compromise on the resources available to your pupils? ClassBooks lets you make the most of your school’s funds.

The ClassBooks Promise

Your stock will be delivered and collected on the agreed date

Your stock will be correct and delivered in a secure tote box

All books are linked to the national curriculum

Your consultant’s visit will take place on an agreed date and cover:

  • A walk through the digital platform
  • Guidance on planning a literacy event in the future
  • A review of your school’s resources
  • Advice on where ClassBooks can help with your current provision

Speedy response and resolution of queries

We will listen to your feedback

We will reward your loyalty through our reward programme

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