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ClassBooks is a new and innovative national book rental service for primary schools, curated by library professionals.

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Free Up Space, Time, Budget

Why ClassBooks

  • Our unique rental model means you will always have the latest books for less, helping your budget to go further.
  • Frees teachers’ time for planning and assessment
  • 28 different curriculum boxes to choose from
  • 30 books in every specifically curated box directly linked to the National curriculum
  • All books are up-to-date and directly linked to the curriculum.
  • Continually updated teacher resources and book lists to use from education library professionals.
  • New curriculum boxes delivered direct to your school every term
  • Pupil incentive reading schemes
Why Classbooks

The Best curriculum-linked books, on demand

  • Fiction

    Family, Friends and Relationships

    From Bee’s dare to complete a swimming challenge, to the feisty Clarice Bean navigating her Grandad’s desire to pour soup on his cereal, to Bartholomew the Bear and his new friend Bug, enjoy this selection of books about friendship and relationships.

  • Fiction

    Journeys, Time Travel and Adventure

    Let this box transport you to the magical world of Morrigan Crow and Nevermoor, then journey along the Amazon or perhaps the Nile, then listen to Rachel and Ali’s refugee stories.

  • Fiction

    Football Fanatic

    Read about footballing skills, facts about the beautiful game and the heroes on the pitch!

What schools are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. See what school leaders have been saying about ClassBooks.

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    Furzedown School helped us develop the product. The summary feedback was ‘Beautiful resources which are relevant to the topics.’ ‘Its good value for money, well pitched and presented professionally’.


    Furzedown Primary School, Wandsworth
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    The KS1 boxes were great. It’s fantastic to have the resources in the classroom to be able to return to and not hunt out every time I need to use them. The Dinosaurs books in particular are going down a storm. The service is ridiculously useful and something we’ve missed since our SLS disappeared. We’ve really enjoyed using it.


    St Helen’s Catholic School, Lambeth
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